Peering Policy

PongeryAS is a small, private network for learning materials and a hobby network. PongeryAS has an open peering policy and will peer with networks that have presence on mutual exchange points or tunnel-based.


PongeryAS uses PeeringDB as a single authoritative source of truth. This means peering partners must have an up-to-date PeeringDB entry before a bilateral peering session can be established.

PongeryAS will use industry standards to secure the peering sessions. This includes industry standards and best practices. Both parties should have a well-set-up route-set, or AS-SET, as well as up-to-date prefix maximums defined in PeeringDB. PongeryAS will use this data to filter routes received from the network’s BGP sessions.

Important Notices

To ensure the quality of our operations, we reserve the following rights under our peering policy:

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— PongeryAS Network Administrator